Sailing safety tips

Sailing can be a synonym of freedom, but it can also be associated with danger. We are in the hands of nature and we cannot predict how things may change in an hour, or even a few minutes. This activity is suitable for the brave adventurers who aren`t afraid of risks but they should keep in mind some essential safety tips before and during their experience.

  1. A good idea is to take a boating course where the experts aim to teach you the main boating rules. What is more, this does not cost much and often lasts just one day, depending on the program you have chosen.
  2. Check the equipment carefully before your departure. Make sure you have life jackets, lights, distress signals, and batteries. Test the sound-producing devices and ventilation of the boat. For sure, you also need to fill the fuel tanks to the maximum, unless you want to spend some time lost in the sea.
  3. Watch the weather forecast. Do not go if the conditions are not favorable. Avoid storms and strong winds.
  4. Be careful with the speed, especially in a busy area. Stay away from large watercraft, as their ability of stopping is not the same as yours.
  5. Do not drink. Not only it is illegal, but you can have an accident.
  6. Before leaving the marina, plan your voyage and share the information with the passengers in case someone else needs to take the boat back to shore. Anything can happen!
  7. Ensure you have enough provisions in case of an emergency.
  8. Don`t sail hungry, as it is easier to get seasickness than if you have eaten something.
  9. Know your limits. Don`t overestimate your abilities and don`t be selfish. No one is stronger than mother Nature.
  10. Put a toolbox on board and be prepared to make some minor repairs.
  11. Although sailing and swimming are two different things, learn to swim.
  12. Stay hydrated. Drink water all the time.
  13. Follow Navigation Aids -Remember to follow all buoys and navigation aids on the water. They have been put there to lead you and ensure your safety.

Sailing above all

From rowboat and lake sailing to tropical-island leaping and offshore cruising, the basics are identical. Using the wind and current to get to a dream destination is a liberating experience. Furthermore, you can find new friends in the yachting club who will always be there for you, offering help and advice. However, as mentioned above, there are plenty of rules we have to obey in order for us to protect ourselves, the others around us and last but not least the environment. Watching the clouds, studying forecasting and reading the water is an important ability but not quite enough. Being a sailor means to build a bridge between earth and water – two absolutely distinct worlds with their own peculiarities and necessities.